Astrological Sign:
Shoe Size:
1100 px
Favorite Show:
Favortie Bands:
The Hives, Rise Against, John Butler Trio, Weezer, Steriogram, The Eels
Guitar, PC gaming, Eating peaches
Favorite Quote:
"I'm bee-like, tenaciously stinging but patiently being. Please believe." -Me
More Info:
Well, to start, I like wheelchairs because I am bound to one. It's funny how life turns out that way sometimes. Well, I am a Pennsylvania boy, born and raised, so I am somewhat gangster and somewhat country. I am close enough to New York to fully embrace sarcasm and somewhat south enough to understand sincerity. I was raised on a farm for 13 years and moved to a house right across from the farm. So, still in farm country. I was a normal lad until June '08 when I sustainted an injury to the 4th thoracic vertabrae in my back. I was in a car accident and now I rock a wheelchair. Don't get me wrong though, I am still sexy but not like Paul Walker sexy, more like Zapp Brannigan sexy (/sarcasm).
For hobbies, I dabble in a bit of everything. I like to mess around on the guitar, harmonica and keyboard. My main hobby, as of lately, has been gaming on my PC. You can catch me usually playing in the evenings with some great people from an online community called TheVille. It is a perfect community for laid back gamers who act appropriately while in game. I am either playing Rocket League or I am playing Overwatch with some friends. Other than those few hobbies, I am just learning web design and how to use all the adobe applications. It's a steep hill but I am wheeling up it!